20 Jul

The Best Wine Cooler – Wynter WC-321DD Review

Wynter WC-321DD ReviewSerious wine collectors know the importance of having a dedicated wine cooler compared to using a traditional kitchen fridge.

Aside from the obvious space issues there will be  constant disturbances that will ensure your wine collection never reaches its full potential.

Decent wine is expensive and if you expect good results then it is worth spending a little bit more and getting a decent wine cooler with all the features that enable you to get the best out of your wine collection.

The Wynter WC-321DD is hands down the best cooler available today with all the important features you need built in. Although this cooler is not the cheapest, it is certainly not expensive when compared to some other models currently available. Let’s take a look and see why this is the best wine cooler available right now. Check out more wine cooler reviews to select best wine coolers

We can start off with the construction of this product as looking at comments on other cheaper units available shows that spending a little less is often a bad idea. Cheaper coolers often feature lower quality parts and people have experienced many problems from inaccurate temperature control to coolers that literally die after a year or two.

When buying a product like this you want to know that it will last and your customized temperatures run as consistently as possible over long periods of time, this is critical for high success rates. The 321DD is well built and stylish and will look great in any modern home.

Overall capacity is 32 bottles which is a fair size, smaller coolers are great to start out with but are soon outgrown! The cabinet is built from high quality stainless so you should have no rust problems down the road. Soft blue LED lighting is also included which is attractive and shows off your wine collection perfectly to your guests.

Keeping a variety of wines in one cooler can become a problem if they require different temperatures for optimum results. The Wynter WC-321DD gets around this by incorporating a zone system.

The zone system allows you to set two different temperatures in each side (16 bottles) making it very easy to keep a varied collection in one place. Temperature control is very accurate in this unit giving you piece of mind that your expensive wines will be not be subject to fluctuations.

Maturity rates can be affected by the amount of disturbance a wine bottle goes through and that is why you should never keep your wines in a high traffic area. Modern motors which have no moving parts are common today and one of these comes standard with the Wynter WC-321DD. You will see this technology listed as Thermo-Electric and it really does make a huge difference.

In any bottle of wine there are loose sediments floating around that interfere with the maturity process. These sediments need to settle to get the very best out of that particular wine. Noisy motors, which emit vibrations, are to be found on most home refrigerators which is another reason why it is always better to have a dedicated wine cooler for the job.

With any wine cooler you will need versatility and this model offers that as the shelves can be removed making space for larger bottles. Obviously, this will lower the total capacity but if you end up with odd shaped or larger bottles you do have the option to keep them in your cooler.

Temperature control is very simple with the dual LCD display, one for each side of the cooler. You can set temperatures on each side between 46F – 66F giving you a wide range to select from. As mentioned before, this unit is very good at keeping your required setting which makes all the difference to your maturity rates.

After spending money on several different wine coolers I have found this to be the best wine cooler overall for its build quality as well as the features that come installed. If you are seriously thinking of getting yourself one for your home then go for the Wynter  WC321-DD, you will not be disappointed!

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