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War Thunder Review And Updateds About New Version releasing Date


war thunder

War thunder is a role-playing action game where you are a Dungeon Crawler vampire in search of their sire. You will explore the long forgotten and hidden world of monsters, and in doing so, you will need to navigate the tricky waters of the hierarchy of this civilization. If you fail, you will not survive, and your sire will never be found.

How does War thunder feel to play?

War thunder evokes feelings of games such as Vampire: The Masquerade, and has the aesthetic of the Legend of Kane series. However, don’t be mistaken in thinking that this is a pastiche or part of an already established world; this world, the world of War thunder has its mythology and its own rules governing it. As such, it provides an inspired and yet still original vampire story which gives you just enough mystery and plenty of Vampire-inspired uneasiness as you play. you can also use this war thunder hacks to generate points in your account

The atmosphere is incredible, but the real winner is the gameplay; it’s in early development (more on that in a while), but already you get hours, if not hundreds of hours, of Dungeon Crawling goodness. This game feels almost like a full release, the gameplay is polished and well realized, and as such you’ll feel like you get value for money long before the complete version is released.

However, the game is not bug-free. It’s in early access release, which means that the game is still being developed continuously. As we said above, what has been released to date is refreshingly polished for an alpha release game; usually, early release games have more bugs than War thunder.

Also, the developer works very hard. The game is continually being refined and updated, which speaks volumes about the current polished nature of it, but it means much more; namely, that you’re going to get a full product that is high quality. When a developer is dedicated enough to provide a top game with daily updates, you know you’re onto a winner. Especially when that winner involves vampires.

some more features of War thunder

War thunder has an intricate skills and talent system, which means that every decision you make will have consequences.

If you’re new to the genre, think of War thunder as like a first person version of Diablo. It has a similar feel and aesthetic.

War thunder is immediately engrossing – you’ll fail to notice some of the things that need work in this game because you’ll be absorbed into the world quite quickly.

Some of the things the game could do better.

We’re reticent to admit that this game has some flaws, but in the interests of objectivity, we will list some of the negatives about the game. Firstly, the voice acting and script overall is weak. This is something you’ll likely have to bear with. The graphics aren’t the best we’ve seen either. Like we said above, you’ll be engrossed very quickly despite these things.

Where some might find the above negatives huge negatives, we think that it’s quite inspiring that we have talented developers who are working hard to re-imagine and innovate. We further feel that these things are more important than the above to the point where they seem like nit-picking.

All in all, our view of War thunder is a very positive one, and we can recommend it based on the vast potential it has.

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