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      Data Center Map

      US Secure Hosting Center

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      US Secure Hosting Center is located in the area Monticello, USA (America), and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 30-01-2010.

      US Secure Hosting Center
      117 E. First Street
      52310 Monticello
      Iowa, USA

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      owned and operated by US Secure Hosting Center.
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      USSHC means.

      . Peace of mind

      . Facilities that are secure, disaster proof, redundant, and affordable

      . A data center that is secure and safe at all times

      . The best and safest setting for your important information

      . A facility that is virtually indestructible

      . Services that are totally redundant through multiple points of power and fiber

      . More energy efficient than the average data center

      . A heavily reinforced building several hundred feet above the nearest flood plain

      . Two to five feet thick floors, ceilings, and outer walls

      . Multiple levels of onsite power generation and networking capabilities

      . Connectivity is geographically diverse

      . Most systems are N+2 redundant or better

      . Two data centers under one roof

      Have you ever worried how safe your data really is when it is in a data center? What about severe storms or tornadoes (many data centers are located in high rise buildings) or a flood (some data centers are located in basements? What about hurricanes and earthquakes?

      Our facility was built underground by the federal government and a private partner to ensure continued communications in the cold war era. The USSHC Data Center is virtually indestructible.

      The building specifications were designed to withstand a nuclear bomb.

      We are immune to storms-they go right over our facility.

      We are immune to floods-our data center is located on the divide between two watersheds, is several hundred feet in elevation above the nearest flood plain, and is several miles from the nearest stream.

      Earthquakes of any magnitude have never affected this area of the state. Despite this, we are seismically braced for the worst earthquakes.

      The facility was built by the United States Government as a communications facility. Built during the cold war era, it is designed to withstand and continue to operate during and after the detonation of a megaton-class nuclear weapon at a range of two miles. Few other disasters can compare to that.

      The facility has:

      2N onsite generation

      3N fuel stores

      3N cooling

      2N UPS true dual power paths to each rack

      N+1* IP connectivity served by two completely geographically diverse tier 1 providers, with fiber from opposite directions. Dual IP drops to each rack (2N) are available.

      Zero common points of failure. Most data centers promise redundant fiber-but often that redundant fiber converges in a central switching office or cable or interduct somewhere down the line. That eliminates the redundancy. Our fibers go in opposite directions and never meet along the path reaching truly diverse points of connection to diverse tier 1 internet service providers.

      24/7 access
      Video surveillance
      Alarm system

      Rental of racks
      Hosting of individual servers

      Multiple geographically diverse data connections. This results in ZERO common points of failure.

      US Secure Hosting Center Pricing/Quotes

      If you are interested in receiving a quote for US Secure Hosting Center, please try our free quote service.

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