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      Data Center Map

      Marina Towers

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      Marina Towers is located in the area Los Angeles, USA (America), and the colocation data center is not carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 09-04-2011.

      DigiLink, Inc.
      4676 Admiralty Way
      90292 Marina Del Rey
      California, USA

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      We offer high performance, 10 megabit and 100 megabit, stable and secure colocation services and can accommodate a wide variety of systems. Our core network is built around high-performance routers and switches from Cisco. The core, that houses our Los Angeles colocation, runs across a fully-switched Gigabit backbone. Connectivity from the core network to all of our carriers is via fiber. We understand it takes far more than that to be successful on the Internet and few companies have much, if any, experience operating and managing high-demand sites on the Internet.

      DigiLink is not just an Internet bandwidth company with a fancy room to park your servers. Our modest data center is located in a Class A building with 24/7 security and access controls. Our building is powered by two separate Edison power feeds along with backup generator power and because of its designation as national infrastructure it will receive the same priority as hospitals for power and telecommunications services in the event of an emergency/disaster recovery.

      Complete Solutions

      We offer complete and highly sophisticated turnkey web server solutions. If you require hardware, DigiLink can specify, procure, build and configure the right box for the job. We are proud to offer the flexibility of choosing the operating system that is right for the job as we support Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS.

      We also assist with software requirements. DigiLink is experienced with a wide variety of commercial and open-source packages. Our monitoring and system administration services keep systems up and running smoothly. DigiLink's consulting services can help you design the perfect solution that is secure, incorporates management capabilities, provides a backup strategy, offers high-availabilty and more.

      Experience & Reliability

      We have over 80 years of combined experience in high performance network services and applications. We count uptimes in months and years, not hours and days. We know how to get the most out of your systems, how to make your website fly and be highly reliable without costing you a fortune.

      High Bandwidth

      The DigiLink network is a Cisco-powered switched Ethernet, with connections to our peers and backbone providers established over direct fiber connections. We have hundreds of megabits of available bandwidth to the Internet, which is provided via multiple redundant backbone carriers.

      Low Latency

      We have engineered a highly efficient network. Our server colocation network has fewer hops, to any other point in the Internet, than most other national carriers. Many of the national carriers have 6 to 10 hops. DigiLink, however, has one, that's right one hop, through the highest performance Cisco 7500 series router available. Digilink has established transit services with carriers that have constructed similar networks. All of these factors yield fewer hops and lower latency overall.

      Marina Towers Pricing/Quotes

      If you are interested in receiving a quote for DigiLink, Inc., please try our free quote service.

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      av 国产 日韩 欧美 在线播放
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