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      Data Center Map

      Star Storage

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      Star Storage is located in the area Bucharest, Romania, and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 19-06-2012.
      This data center is located within Feper Building.

      Star Storage
      8 Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd.
      020337 Bucharest
      2 Arrondisment, Romania

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      In 2009, Star Storage launched a state-of-the-art data center, providing companies with the necessary infrastructure, as well as with a complex outsourced services portfolio for protection and management of customer data and applications.

      The entire Data Center services portfolio is developed on economic efficiency criteria, covering all "critical" areas within an organization.

      The Star Storage Date Center is scalable, with an initial area of more than 800 sqm, offering all the facilities of a level 3 (Tier 3) data center according to the internationally applicable standards, TIA-942 (Telecommunications Industry Association) and Uptime Institute.

      The Star Storage Data Center offers complete redundancy capabilities for the supply of electric energy (UPS and emergency electric energy supply through diesel generators) and for the air conditioning and environmental control, as well as for advanced security systems, anti-earthquake and fire prevention/ extinguishing systems. The security and control systems are organized around a single entry point, with access based on biometric and proximity security systems, video monitoring and advanced intrusion detection systems.

      Business benefits

      Low costs - minimum costs for premium solutions;

      Security - the data are saved and kept a secure environment - Tier 3 Data Center;

      Dedicated IT resources - platform administration is performed by the authorized Star Storage personnel;

      Simplicity - immediate access to all services; you can benefit from the provided services in a couple of hours or even minutes;

      Redundancy - all systems are redundant, thus ensuring high service availability;

      Productivity - productivity improvement through quicker access to production data;

      Availability - high connectivity availability due to the high number of providers;

      Compliance - Basel II, SOX, ISO 27001, ITIL, TIA 942 - level 3, Law no. 135/2007.

      General Features

      Tier-3data center according with TIA-942 and Uptime Institute
      Flexible space and power solutions at the data center, so your data center footprint can grow in step with your business needs
      24/7 monitoring of the data center environment by on-site personnel
      24/7 monitoring and operation of the facility by Star Storage Network Operations Center (NOC)
      On-site power and cooling redundancy for maximum network availability
      Internet connectivity with integrated access to more than 15 Internet Service Providers
      Comprehensive security, including on-site guards, biometric and electronic locks/access control


      Facilities that are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to control access to the building and protect your assets.
      Secured points of access, including the loading dock and monitored by digitally-recorded, closed-circuit television cameras. We secure digital recordings and maintain content for a minimum of 90 days.
      Private customer environments, secured by keyed or electronic locks.

      Power Availability

      UPS batteries capable of supplying power to the facility for up to 15 minutes and diesel generators on site enable the facility to operate in an emergency without utility power
      The possibility for both the UPS and the generators to grow in a modular "plug and play" fashion that eliminates gaps in our backup plan and customer operations
      N+1, 2N or even 2N+1 design for the infrastructure to enables the entire system to work without interruption should some components fails
      Priority fueling contracts, which are in place to ensure, in the event of a long-term outage, there is a sufficient, uninterrupted fuel supply to continue operation of the generators.
      The ability to support true IT electrical loads of up to 8kW per cabinet in selected spaces
      SLA on power of 99.98% uptime.


      Intense cooling requirements as well as removal of heat and maintenance of sufficient humidity to prevent static discharge
      Hot aisle/cold aisle designs, in addition to Robust N+1 cooling infrastructure.


      Star Storage offers a carrier-neutral MMR (Meet Me Room) composed of various providers who can offer different solutions (dark fiber, T1 etc.).

      Star Storage Pricing/Quotes

      If you are interested in receiving a quote for Star Storage, please try our free quote service.

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      av 国产 日韩 欧美 在线播放
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