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      Data Center Map

      NOC Telesmart Telekom

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      NOC Telesmart Telekom is located in the area Skopje, Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia), and the colocation data center is not carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 04-11-2010.

      Telesmart Telekom
      Nikola Parapunov bb
      1000 Skopje

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      Skopje Exchange Teleroom (SET) is the first independent telecommunication point in Macedonia where all operators may use the full spectrum of wholesale products and services with highest guarantied reliability and quality, including: Managed network solutions supporting voice and data applications, Internet protocol including Voice over IP, High speed data, Ethernet access, Call centers, Metro ring solutions offering extensive reach and scale, Innovative network-based security solutions detecting and preventing network security threats, etc.

      Colocation services
      Our system room in Skopje is the perfect place for collocation and interconnection services like PoP and vPoP for operators. We provide carriers and providers with an efficient marketplace for integrated broadband and communication services.
      Our collocation services gives you fast and reliable links to other available carriers in the whole area, in the meanwhile maintaining financial and technical independence from the network providers. The big international carriers in the market guarantee you a long-term customer links as well as the security, quality and the agreed standards of our services.
      All this results in solutions for the customers that may be updated at any time, according to the users desires.
      Telesmart's node is the first Macedonian who is directly connected, by a big capacity link, with the biggest and the most significant European node in Wien.
      Skopje Exchange Teleroom aims towards being one of the main players on the Macedonian telecommunication market, and one of the most familiar names in the ICT business in our country.

      Interconnection services
      Telesmart as a telecommunication operator offers interconnection services which can be used by all operators. We are offering a wide range of international telecommunication services:
      1. Digital Leased Lines - DLL
      2. IP (internet protocol)
      3. IP VPN (Internet protocol virtual private network)
      4. Collocation of equipment in independent telecommunication room - SET
      Telesmart make efforts to better its quality level, reliability and speed at the telecommunication services, and to supply a wide range of services with the biggest possible standards, in order to have satisfied clients.

      Security services
      Telesmart's system room in Skopje is the perfect place for collocation and interconnection services like PoP and vPoP. It provides carriers and providers with an efficient marketplace for integrated broadband and communication services.
      SET has standard DC power supply system (-48V DC) used by transmission equipment such as SDH multiplexers and the mediatory systems, with additional 220V AC if needed.
      Maximum safety from electrical failures and loss of local power supply is maintained by use of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with backup batteries. High performance generators are used as additional safety solution.
      Collocation facilities are kept constantly monitored for temperature and humidity changes and maintained by its central air-conditioning system.
      In cases of fire emergency, SET relies on our it's fire detection system combined with FM-200 fire extinguishing, non-toxic, Eco-gas.
      As a rule, telecommunication equipment is always integrated in existing racks.

      NOC Telesmart Telekom Pricing/Quotes

      If you are interested in receiving a quote for Telesmart Telekom, please try our free quote service.

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