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      Data Center Map

      Data Logistics Center

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      Data Logistics Center is located in the area Vilnius, Lithuania (Republic of Lithuania), and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 17-10-2012.

      Data Logistics Center
      Juozapaviciaus str. 13
      09311 Vilnius

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      Data Logistics Center DC combines five separate data centers, located at the same building - all carrier neutral. Three data center are available and offered to customer.

      - UPS systems and diesel generators will guarantee sustainable operations of the data center, even if power supply will be interrupted.
      - Entrance security control, video monitoring, and system of physical security.
      - The innovative fire and smoke detectors and automatic fire extinguishing system, operated on the basis of inert gas, modern firewalls.
      - Competent service personell and 24x7 monitoring

      At the moment we are building new, reliable and green data center near Vilnius and are open to all proposals and specific customer needs.

      Read more at: http://www.datalogistics.lt/en/


      56 sq.m. efficient footprint
      80 kW maximum load
      DX cooling system
      PUE - 2.1
      Established/renewed: 2004

      45 sq.m.
      120 kW maximum load
      DX cooling system
      PUE - 1.6
      Established/renewed: 2013 (plan)

      56 sq.m.
      80 kW maximum load
      Chilled water + freecooling system
      PUE - 1.8
      Established/renewed: 2006

      Data Logistics Center Pricing/Quotes

      If you are interested in receiving a quote for Data Logistics Center, please try our free quote service.

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      av 国产 日韩 欧美 在线播放
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