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      Data Center Map

      VERnet DC

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      VERnet DC is located in the area Riga, Latvia (Latvija), and the colocation data center is not carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 08-11-2011.

      Versija Ltd.
      Dzirnavu 89
      LV-1011 Riga

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      In 2011, VERSIJA company has completely finished facilities of the new data center called VERnet DC. VERnet DC complies with the requirements of Tier II-III, while it is located in the heart of Riga. This combination has made VERnet DC one of the most demanded data center in Latvia.

      The area of VERnet DC is 200 sq m, the number of racks - up to 50. Various options for placement client's equipment are available - from single unit in the rack and up to an isolated facility with personal access.

      Two independent optic-fiber links are connecting VERnet DC with VERnet backbone infrastructure. In 2011, the structure of international channels was optimized. As a result, VERSIJA has ability to use simultaneously at least two independent international channels, which combined capacity anytime is sufficient for current traffic. Access in Latvia is provided by two independent connections to LIX (Latvian Internet eXchange), SMILE (Santa Monica Internet Local Exchange) and direct traffic exchange (direct peering) with a number of Latvian providers.

      The facility of VERnet DC is located at the ground floor of building, which was founded in 1896. Four floor building, designed by architect Paul Mandelstam, was built as an apartment house but the ground floor was intended as wine cellar. The requirements for the facility of wine cellar were very strict: vaulted stone ceilings, thick stonewalls, permanent microclimate, the lack of dust and moisture. We used all these wonderful qualities of the facility, designed by architect, and brought them to perfection using the most modern construction techniques.

      Ventilation and air conditioning systems with N +1 redundancy scheme permanently supports in the data center temperature and humidity level within specified standards. This, in particular, completely eliminates the possibility of server downtime due to overheating in the hot season, that is a serious problem for many data centers.

      Electric power supply
      Swiss company's Newave SA uninterruptible Power Online UPS system with modular redundancy scheme N+1 completetly eliminates even ultrashort interruptions in power supply in case of sudden power-down. In case the electricity supply is not resumed within 30 seconds, the diesel generator (producer - SDMO company) starts automatically, that provides the data center's standard perfomance for as long as necessary.

      Security and access control
      Any visit to the data center is recorded. A special admittance procedure into the data center's server room eliminates any possibility of unauthorized physical access to the customers hardware. Certified Security company provides 24/7 physical security of the data center.

      VERnet DC Pricing/Quotes

      If you are interested in receiving a quote for Versija Ltd., please try our free quote service.

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      av 国产 日韩 欧美 在线播放
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