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      Data Center Map

      Rackbank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd.

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      Rackbank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd. is located in the area Indore, India, and the colocation data center is carrier neutral. The data center was last updated on 03-12-2015.

      Rackbank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd.
      506, CS Naydu arcade, Old Palasiya
      452001 Indore
      M.P., India

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      owned and operated by Rackbank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd..

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      Rack Cabinets
      Dedicated Servers
      Virtual Servers
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      Remote Hands


      We're Central India's first data center that strives to solve Internet infrastructure
      problems of organizations of all sizes: small, medium and big globally by providing
      premium state-of-the-art datacenter solutions. Headquartered in Indore, India, we
      enable online businesses for their software and applications and websites in managing
      their data more effectively. Founded in 2013 by Narendra Sen, we are a fast-growing
      startup with a clear cut vision of making India self-sufficient in data storage and
      We're also a Consultant to India's first Data Center Park project (part of Digital India
      campaign) by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

      We Provide :-

      . The first level of security applications consists of manned security.
      Authentication based on Access cards makes the second level impregnable.

      . Only higher authorities with Biometrics scan can clear the third level of security and
      access path of the caged hosted servers.

      . Multiple Security cameras are strategically located throughout the DC continually
      providing state of art video imaging & archiving.

      . Fire Suppression comes with fortified threefold redundancy of Gas, Carbon Monoxide
      and Water Sprinkler based systems.

      . Multiple security applications include wire conduits and the fire protection systems on
      floors and ceilings.
      . The entire facility of the Data Center is jibed with fire detection and smoke alarm

      Why choose RackBank?
      Because at RACKBANK, there is someone ready to answer your questions (By phone,
      chat and email 24 hours a day)
      We operate our own data centers (and control every aspect of your hosting solution)
      Our network is rock solid
      We love making your life easier with our lovable customer support system.
      We guarantee your satisfaction (and will give you your money back, no questions asked,
      within 30 days)
      We offer an unbeatable 100% power & network uptime SLA
      We are committed to serving you better (and listening to your feedback).
      Go ahead and get started.

      Rackbank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd. Pricing/Quotes

      If you are interested in receiving a quote for Rackbank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd., please try our free quote service.

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      av 国产 日韩 欧美 在线播放
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