10 Jun

Have to complete a survey to get a PSN Card?

get psn cardsAre you in need of a PSN card? Well if you are, you came to the right place. There’s no other site that gives out as many codes as we do, maybe they give out fake codes, but no other website gives out as many real PSN card as we do.

The funny thing is, we’ve only been giving codes out for around 2 months now and we’re already #1. We don’t even promote our website, all of the visitors we get are from you guys sharing our website on Facebook and on Twitter, just imagine how many visitors we would have if we really promoted our website.

In the next few months we plan on growing even more and coming out with new features, including ways for people to get a free psn codes generator from our website without completing a survey.

Have to complete a survey to get a PSN Card?

Yes; we do require all of our visitors to complete a survey to get a code from our website. So you’re probably asking what makes this website different than the other ones you’ve tried that requires surveys.

Well; let me break it down for you step by step. We’ve only added surveys to our codes to protect our codes from people that take more than 1 code per 24 hours.

Another way we’re different is that, our codes are legitimately bought by our sponsors from vendors in bulk, that means our codes pose no threat to your account.

Our surveys are the shortest surveys in the industry, which means that you won’t be spending 30 minutes trying to finish one survey and still probably not unlock. No; thats not our surveys, we’ve hand picked these surveys so we know for a fact that they don’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete and we make sure they don’t have you jump through hoops just to finish it.

If you think about it, you’re spending 10 minutes of your time to get up to $100. You couldn’t get that working at any job in the world, so don’t complain about our surveys because they are as short as they possibly can be.

As we continue to grow, we ask all of our visitors to obey our 1 PSN card per 24 hours till we gain more sponsors.

As we get more and more sponsors we will lift the rule but until then if you are caught abusing our website you will be caught and you will be banned from using our website.

You can help us grow by liking our Facebook fan page, we often post PSN card codes on it of all different amounts and often do giveaways. You can also help us grow by sharing our website with your friends, without you guys sharing our website, we wouldn’t be able to gain sponsors and without sponsors we wouldn’t be able to run this website.

We give out around 1,000-2,000 codes a day and that’s a lot of money for one person to be giving away. So help us grow by getting a PSN Card from our website and telling your friends about our website!

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