04 Apr

10 Tips for Cats Who Are Compelled To Change Place with Their Owners

Behave decently: If you come to know that your owner is planning to move to some other place then you must show the best behavior to him.

You should enliven all those extremely attractive and charming gestures which you used to show while compelling him/her to adopt you.

You should not put your paws into the hair of your owner and allow him/her to sleep even after 5 AM.

You should be dutiful while using letterbox. But if you are compelled to heave then you should avoid windowsills even while moving towards bathroom.

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Your intention should not be to let your owner consider the thoughts like you are aware of the fact that renting an apartment with a cat is actually very difficult or you do not intend to spoil the attractive floors of his/her new home. So, you should behave decently to avoid such situation.

Give attractive poses: The cat should play great games with its owner. the cat should give an attractive pose after jumping into an empty box and sticking out its head so that he/she is compelled to find out his/her camera.

You may also surely come across some new words to curse you at such time. But still you should compel your owner to shoot you with his/her camera.

Have fun with moving van: The moving van can prompt you to hide after its arrival. This van can allow you to have lots of fun. In such situation your owner will curse the mover while running around anxiously worried about you saying you were idiots who have left the door open to let the little ball of fur run away from the house permanently.

You can come out of your unknown hide and start washing your face when your owner has wasted an hour while running to the neighborhood in your search. After seeing you your owner will try to hug you while screaming with joy.

In such situation you can start washing your face again along with an unfriendly frown.

You can also hide in your carrier if you really want to let them in an unusual situation. But you should be careful while hiding you in the moving van as it can hurt you.

Howl during transit: While on a drive for next twelve hours you should keep in mind that your owner will be more focused to listen your howling instead of listening to the latest news, weather reports or tapes. So you should go on howling during transit to attract the attention of your owner.

Ask for sandbox break while on rough road: As your owner starts driving on a road where it is extremely difficult to drive on like on a narrow bridge where traffic was close enough to the bumpers of his/her vehicle you should ask for a sandbox break. It will help you to take a break from bumpy rides.

Follow motel etiquette: You should look extremely lovely and sit in the window as expected from your etiquette while moving in a vehicle.

You should encourage people passing along the vehicle to tap the window glass all the time you are sitting near it more particularly when your owner has not drawn the curtains on the windows.

You should start howling if you think that your owner has left you behind the desk of the clerk and the office bearer try to shift you to some more private and lonely place.

Still you should follow motel etiquette to show your decent behavior at this time.

Hide yourself: If you do not want to be found by your owner at 6 AM, the time to start journey, then you should go out of reach of the arms of your owner by hiding yourself under the queen size bed.

In this way you can delay the traveling schedule of everyone at least for half an hour if not more.

The cats who can lodge themselves between the springs and the mattress can be awarded for finding out most creative places to hide. But you should keep in mind that this idea will work only if your owner loves you very much.

On the contrary, you will have to find a new home if you were not traceable within twenty minutes. So before hiding yourself you should evaluate the extent of love of your owner.

Illustrate your presence: When boxes are unpacked at the new location you should ensure your presence. You can also ensure safe arrival of all the contents by jumping into each box.

If, in order to ensure that you cannot escape, your owner locks you up into the bathroom then you should take it as an opportunity to entertain the mover by practicing your singing skills. It will show your love and care for your owner in a unique way.

Check the windowsills of the new address: After reaching at the new home you can test the sturdiness of each and every windowsill with your paws. You can also use your paws to check whether the curtains in the new home can bear your 15 pounds weight or not, which should not be problematic in any condition.

In any case, if there are mini-blinds in the new home then it can provide new and unending opportunities to torture your owner. It all depends on your potential to bend the blinds.

You can also break a hole in the blinds to put out your head to peek through. Isn’t it be an adorable situation for you? in this way, you will be more familiar with the environment of the new home.

Encourage your owner to change his/her pet: If you do not want to be moved again then you should encourage your owner to have a dog as his/her pet.

If you are among the cats who cannot afford to be moved to another place where they can get only a small place to live in then it will be an ideal option for you to persuade your owner for some other pet. It will spare you from changing your home again and again.

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